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Comp­rehensive Treatment

Our gender-responsive treatments provide women with the tools needed to live a drug and alcohol free life.

Our Programs

Entrance to the Residential House at ACW


A safe, structured, 24/7 treatment program helping women to break free from drugs and alcohol addiction.

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Six to twelve month treatment program that accommodates education, employment, and family obligations.

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Enhanced Care Management

Service coordination and referrals for those who are homeless, leaving jail/prison, in need of mental health or substance abuse treatment or frequently use emergency rooms or hospitals.

Value Added Support Services

Domestic Violence and Trauma Therapy

DV/Trauma often causes and can trigger drug and alcohol use. ACW’s therapist helps residential and outpatient clients to uncover these issues and to build a life of long-term recovery.

Family Therapy

ACW’s therapists work with residential and outpatient clients to improve family communication and build bridges often broken due to addiction.

Nutrition Counseling

ACW’s nutritionist helps clients achieve better health through nutrition and cooking classes, residential menu preparation and one-on-one consultations.


ACW offers supervised transportation to medical, mental health and other essential appointments.

Case Management

ACW’s staff links clients with medical and mental health providers, courts, probation, parole, the department of child and family services, and more to promote whole person care.

The ACW Difference

Evidence-Based Groups

Boston Consortium Model

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

MRT - Moral Reconation Therapy

Seeking Safety

Domestic Violence & Trauma Therapy

Court Certified Anger Management

HIV/AIDS Therapy

Grief & Loss Therapy

Art Therapy

Relapse Prevention

Family Therapy

Healthy Relations & Sobriety

Recreation & Enrichment



Living Skills



Self Care

Trained Staff & Onsite Specialists

Our staff undergo rigorous trauma-informed training and partner with onsite medical and mental health specialists to offer comprehensive treatment around addiction.

Contracted Medical Director


Licensed Trauma/ DV Therapist

Licensed Family Therapist

Clinical Supervisors

Certified & Registered Addiction Specialists

A Continued Legacy
of Hope​

ACW’s Founder, Brenda Weathers, started ACW as a place of health and wellness that considers the whole person. That mission continues to live on today as an organization dedicated to transforming the lives of women.​

Transform your life today.​

A Birdhouse at the Entrance to the Residences at ACW, created by a resident
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